Monday, October 27, 2008

Re: Instant Gratification "I WANT RESULTS NOW!" Crowd

I was as dejected as anybody about the loss Saturday night. It was a game that belonged to us; we gave it away because of a few silly mistakes.

But the Thrashers are a million times better than they were last season. Like several folks have already pointed out here at the Chronicle (in the comments section as well as in posts; see Andrew and the Falconer in particular), Anderson's system will give us a walloping record once the boys get his system down pat. It's a lot like rehearsing a play...all hockey fans have been in plays, right?

You stumble over your lines in the early rehearsals; hell, you don't even KNOW your lines. You don't know your lines until a few weeks in, and you're still eons away from cobbling together a decent performance. If you pay attention to detail and actually give a damn, though, the thing comes together. Give it time.


Anonymous said...

Just look at the positioning of the players getting better and better each game. In the first few games you could see where people SHOULD and were expected to be, now they ARE where they should be and we are really getting good chances. They WILL start to capitalize more and more on those chances. This early adversity will make us better as the season goes along. I've watched the Red Wings for many years and this is looking more and more familiar, only atlanta is tougher. Just hang on to your hats boys this year will turn out good!!

Tiffany said...

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