Thursday, October 23, 2008

Facing Down the Red Wings

Can it be done?

Can it be done against a Red Wings team featuring Marian Hossa?

Can it be done against a Red Wings team featuring Marian Hossa without Marian Hossa?

Last year's game against the Red Wings--you know, the one where the Thrashers annihilated the Wings on the strength of a Hossa hat trick and an unbelievable performance in goal by Kari Lehtonen--is one of the all-time classic Thrashers games. Yeah, I know: a book as long as--how does the joke go?-- "Jewish WWE Champions" or "Swiss War Heroes" or something along those lines...

If the Thrashers are even going to entertain the notion of beating the Red Wings and achieving a winning record, they'll have to 1) actually score on the power play, and 2) score more than two fracking goals. After the avalanche of goals in our opening game against the Caps I figured that Anderson's system would open the floodgates to scoring from just about everyone on the team. That IS already happening to some extent (before the season, did anyone expect Todd White to have the points he has right now?) despite the last few low-scoring games, but it needs to happen a heckuva lot more.

I think we can do it...we just need Ilya Kovalchuk AND Bryan Little AND Slava Kozlov AND Jason Williams AND Ron Hainsey AND Mathieu Schneider AND Kari Lehtonen to score hat tricks.


Anonymous said...

So far this season the wings at home=numerous turnovers and a shitty game. They are however starting to gel and hit their stride. I see a really good game a comin, but I predict my wings will edge the thrash (overtime again?) in a hard fought game.

Mortimer Peacock said...

I just hope that the game is interesting. I'd be fine with an overtime loss, really...I just hope the game is a game, not a blow-out.

A blow-out by the Red Wings, I mean. The Thrash blowing out the Wings would be wildly entertaining.