Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pavelec is an Ass (maybe)

Look Here Now

Also Rawhide has this to say

I had to take the reins today with this post because Morty's and Shooter's computers are down. With all this in mind, the boy is acting like a boy, if this is truly his opinion. The agent could be some sleazy guy that wants his young star to bring in the big bucks for him.

Either way, you just don't act like this. So, should we trade him? If so, who wants a goalie with an attitude issue. Mind you, I do like Pavs. But, I don't like when players act like that, especially when you blow a lead like against the Preds. Also don't give me that "criminal mismanagement" whatnot. Like Rawhide said, you should be ready to go into that situation.

So, what are our options for trading? There are a few teams that come to mind: Ottawa, the Flyers, Detroit, and even the Avs. So with Ottawa hopefully we could go for Vermette. With The Flyers, we could now go for Knuble and hopefully a draft pick. Those are the two teams that I would like to deal with first and foremost. Also, LA would be nice if they'd be willing to give up one of those young studs. DW is either going to sit down with Pavs and just tell him to hold on and stop acting like a bitch and wait his turn, or DW will just send him on his way somewhere for someone good. Either way it's interesting. DW has yet to comment on the situation. Hopefully things will develop soon enough.

Also, off-topic: people on the Thrashers message boards need to calm down about our preseason. They're acting like Pavelec's agent. Just calm down please.


robbie dee said...

ottawa has a good record of dealing with goalies who have 'tude baggage. ray emery, anyone?

FrenchCatalogues said...

Also, they like to take our guys who don't like to be here like some guy who wore 15 if I recall so.