Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Point, I'll Take It

Sure, I wanted the win, and there is nothing I hate more than losing to Tampa. It just doesn't go over well with me.

But, there is something to take from this. I didn't get to listen to the game, but I kept checking my phone to see the score. We were down and then we came back. Last year this kind of play probably wouldn't have happened, especially in February. Army said it best: that we are going to be a tough team to beat. And if we are going to get beat, I want the other team have to work for it.

Sadly Bryan Little had a bad penalty that put a 4 on 3 advantage in OT to allow Vinny to score, again something that I hate to hear. I'll let Little slide, obviously: one, shit happens, second, he's our leading man right now.

Another thing that's interesting about all this is that Todd White is acting like a first line center by getting two points in this game. He is second on the team in points. With this game, points came from Schneider and Hainsey, which is awesome of course. These guys are doing exactly what we want. Then there is Army, who gets a goal.

Right now the Thrashers are technically in Ninth place in the Eastern Conference. We are a point behind both Washington and Carolina. I'm not really concerned about anything right now. We are moving forward nicely I think. When we lose to Tampa, the thing that helps me sleep is JA. He doesn't get down about things. He sees what needs to be done and does it.

Also, I'm just so excited right now. There are people on the team other than Kovy contributing to the scoring and points, and it's just awesome to see this potential come through. I'm still waiting on Christensen. I think he'll come through. I just feel he's got such potential. As a whole I think things are looking up. It's early in a very long season, and things aren't bad at all. It's turning out to be a really interesting one with Buffalo playing like they are and the Sharks and Edmonton playing awesome. Hopefully the good guys will keep winning, and hopefully we'll be one of them.


Anonymous said...

It was just one of those nights were it isn't in the cards to win, missing open nets, the whole team, even kovy, had trouble getting the puck on net, their goalie was standing on top of his head all night as well. If I heard "HE SHOOTS wide of the net" one more time I was going to break something at work. To come back and tie in a game like this shows the true nature of our team. I see only good things in our future.

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Anonymous said...


Agreed. Last year in this same kind of game, the Thashers would have ended up losing 4-1. This team is scrappy, tenacious, and constantly fighting. Seriously, this team so far has beaten two division leaders(Buffalo & Washington), lost to two teams with a combined 9-1 record(NJ & Min), and lost in OT to two division rivals, which are always tough, competitive games(TB & Fla). The schedule has been tough and the Thrashers have played like a team that can compete for a playoff spot. I would also think that with several new players as well as a new coach, things will only improve as the season goes on as the players get more comfortable with each other and the system. I'm excited.