Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Discussion Continues

I thought I'd just post this from the comments section on that Mirtle post.

To give people an idea at what point we are in this grand discussion, one commenter said, "To me, atlanta will always be a college sports town. SEC football and NASCAR are what people care about, no?'
- This statement was actually directed at our pal The Falconer.

Then there was this comment
"Other than New York, LA and Chicago, no market is large enough to guarantee interest in a hockey team. Atlanta's not that big; and Nashville's not so small that we should be comparing it to Buffalo or Edmonton. Among the expansion cities, Atlanta and Nashville are more similar to one another than they are to any other cities."
- This was to our friend as well

The Falconer made a fine rebuttal by talking about what teams we should be compared to: ie Dallas, Tampa, and DC (sunbelt teams). He also stated the actual statistical size of Atlanta saying it was much larger than they thought.

He went into a comparison of Tampa to us in how they were similar for 8 years, not selling tickets and playing poorly, and then they started winning and sales went up, obviously.

Then I said this in regards to tickets sales, Atlanta, Atlanta sports, and just overall conditions

Also, ticket prices went up this season. Some people simply couldn't pay for them. In case you haven't noticed, we are in a bit of an economic crisis and not too mention in the past two weeks Atlanta hasn't had any gas because everyone here drives cars. People can compare us to places like Chicago and New York in terms of having major league teams, but that isn't the right comparison. Atlanta is simply not built like those cities. We are an urban sprawl much like LA. It's not like we can just get on the train and go to a Braves game. There are only two lines on our subway system. Oh and we are so much bigger than Nashville. According to the latest census we are in the top ten metropolitan areas in the United States officially. Also, According to the ranking of world cities undertaken by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & Network and based on the level of presence of global corporate service organizations, Atlanta is considered a "Gamma World City."So please get your facts straight. Also, Atlanta isn't about NASCAR, demographically that is a dumb assumption. That's North Georgia that's into that.

So there you have it. It goes on and on.

Food for thought: Why don't you people complain about the Islanders's shit ticket sales? Also, I saw some guy say "Atlanta is a joke of a city" on the Puck Daddy post. To that, I ask you sir to come down to my beloved city and go to Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, Little 5 Points, Kirkwood, Candler Park, Virginia Highlands, Inman Park, Grant Park, The Old Fourth Ward, Decatur, Oakhurst, Poncey Highlands, Reynoldstown, East Atlanta, Cabbagetown, Edgewood, Brookwood, and go to Piedmont Park, The Martin Luther King Jr Center and surrounding "Sweet Auburn," Tuner Field, Bobby Dodd Stadium, Philips Arena, The Flying Biscuit, Criminal Records, The Aquarium, The Zoo, Coca Cola World, Georgia Tech, Georgia State, Emory, Morehouse, Spelman, Agnes Scott, Chastain Park, Oakland Cemetery, The Varsity, and hell even Lenox just to name a few, and come find me and tell me this town a joke. I dare you. This is my home, and one of my favorite places in the world, and I am tired of this kind of attitude towards us.

Next to the Thrashers this is what I love most about this town

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