Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kovy's Coronation Tonight

Well, I'm back online after a a wonky Internet connection barred me from Chronicle fun for the last few days. Isn't it frustrating how your three posts a day can get whittled down to one when your Interneting is screwed up?

No worries, though: I've spent the last few days constructing my own Internet connection out of wood and blown glass. We're all strong supporters of the DIY ethic here at the Chronicle.

The rain outside (as opposed to the rain inside) is biblical. A downpour to mark the inauguration of the Czar's captaincy. It's a motif of royal lore that there are hellacious downpours and thunderstorms on coronation days and king's birthdays. Isn't it? Remember Ted Hughes's poem about the birth of Prince William (I think it was William; maybe it was the ugly ginger one D. fathered with the major):

Thunder gripped and picked up the city.

Rain didn't so much fall as collapse.
The pavements danced, like cinders in a riddle..

What a weight of warm Atlantic water!

Dude, what a fag.

The Thrashers will be announcing their new captain tonight. I can't imagine it'll be anyone other than Kovalchuk; if the Czar doesn't get his C tonight I might steal the Zamboni and take Thrash hostage.

Czar Ilya I. Only a few hours away.

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