Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Is the Czar Expendable?

Some rumor-monger who puts together sentences for a publication with the word "sun" in its name says something about the Thrashers shopping Kovalchuk.

The Falconer has a post about the to-trade-or-not-to-trade quandary (such a difficult one, really; I mean, I can see both sides of the question "Is it good to lose an elite player?"). I really DO NOT want to talk about this because 1) it's a pathetic rumor generated by a guy who gets paid to generate rumors, 2) talking about it just lends credence to the rumor and generates more chatter that might, as the Falconer says, damage the team's focus, 3) I love the Czar and don't want him to leave, and 4) it's tedious to go over this over and over and over again.

Whatever "benefits" come from trading Kovalchuk wouldn't be benefits. The Czar is a masterful hockey player and proves to be a more complete player every game. I simply don't buy the argument--advanced by many in the hockey blogosphere and echoed by the Falconer in his post--that Kovalchuk is a huge defensive liability. If commentators are coming to that conclusion based on his plus/minus statistics, I can only say that I simply don't believe that the plus/minus rating is the end-all/be-all when it comes to evaluating a player's defensive abilities. Kovy's minus-heavy rating in seasons past has more to do with a bad defense than his own defensive abilities.

Let me correct myself. He was irresponsible defensively early in his career. He's not anymore. Look at him.

He's more than a guy who scores a lot on the power play. He's incredibly fast and agile with his body and with the stick, he's an excellent passer and playmaker, and he can play with a physical edge when he wants to. He also happens to be one of the best goal-scorers in the NHL.

And if we traded him the Thrashers' already depleted attendance would basically vanish entirely.

He's indispensable to the Thrashers as a team AND as a money-making venture.


FrenchCatalogues said...

Kovy is admission. You just don't get to see that kind of play everyday. Also, remember what DW said? He said players like him don't come around everyday, and he wants Kovy to stay. This kind of rumor is one that is getting old. I wish people would just let us compete and not talk about trading Kovy. Is that so hard to ask? Fucking hell...

FrenchCatalogues said...

Also the Fourth Period has this to say

"I'll admit I've heard some rumblings myself, but I can't see much materializing at all this season. What benefit is it to the Thrashers to trade away Kovalchuk? Unless you're swapping superstars like the Hossa-for-Heatley trade, the Thrashers aren't going to be moving Kovalchuk any time soon... nor are they pressed to do so like Minnesota is with Gaborik. Kovalchuk has another year on his deal and you can be certain the Thrashers will try to get him inked to an extension as soon as they get the chance "

Big Shooter said...

I enjoy cheese. Doesn't matter what kind really. It is all good.

Anonymous said...

the only way kovy goes is if he is begging to go, and if that is the case then fuck him, see ya. otherwise this is a non-story. this is kovys team, period.

Tiffany said...

arguing point one: who the fuck would we trade him for? ovechkin?! malkin? c'mon, these people are such re-res. the rumour mongers, not the hockey players.

arguing point two: at this point, who the fuck would want to come to this team?

arguing point two-eh: do you think hainsey and williams are cursing themselves for picking this team yet?