Thursday, April 23, 2009

...And Make Her Do a High Headstand

It sounds like last night was one of the most exciting of the playoffs so far, with Calgary's dramatic high-scoring win over Chicago and Boston's final humiliation of Montreal (featuring two goals, no less, from former Hab Michael Ryder, who your editor wanted the Thrashers to sign last summer). It's shame I didn't see any of it, as Monsieur Catalogues and I had to attend a black-tie function at the Belgian consulate. The only hockey action I saw was the third period of the Washington-New York game; Lundqvist is an impressive fellow.

I am miffed I missed the Chris Drury goal, though.

The Caps vs. Rangers series puts your editor in a strange position: I like the Caps a lot more than I like the Rangers, but truth be told I really don't want the Caps to push through to the second round. I have a complex about Ovie advancing in the playoffs before Kovy does. If the Russian schedule runs properly, Nabokov should win the Stanley Cup first (this year, let's hope), then Kovalchuk, then Ovechkin, and then maybe that Malkin fellow, someday.

So tonight the Sharks have to prove, on Duck Ice, that they can, uh, win and stuff. Here's hoping they tie the series. The captain and the offensive D came up big in the last game; tonight Thornton, Setoguchi, and possibly JR (though the circumstances may not be sufficiently dramatic just yet) MUST score. But I'm predicting the hero tonight will be Joe Pavelski.

For pre-game inspiration, let's turn to another 80's classic. The last one seemed to work.

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days

A bit elegiac, to be sure, but THESE are the Sharks' dance hall days. Come on boys, get cool on craze, whatever the hell that means.

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