Wednesday, April 15, 2009

O Mac-T! Woe Betide!

- Cue Big Shooter pulling out his finest mourning clothes and walking around without his customary headwear for a week. 

- Puck Daddy discovers an ingenious way to predict the playoffs: tarot. Your editor once had a tarot reading (this is true!) and found the whole thing frighteningly prescient. I mean, she told me the Sharks would beat the Ducks too. This was in 2004!

- I'm sorry, I can't resist. If you're planning on heading down to Hannity's Teabagging Party, you'll encounter all manner of hideous traffic, so you're advised by the Teabagging organizers to do the following: "Our first recommendation is that you park at one of the outer lying MARTA ( train stations and ride the train to the 5 Points Station in Atlanta."

Down with tax-subsidized public services! No gubmint taxes for me!

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