Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Start of the Playoffs/Tax-Resistance/Teabagger Day, Chronicletards!

- Your editor missed the draft lottery last night, because being up since 3:00 AM caused Early Passing Out and Subsequent Sleep. I read on the Chronicle this morning that the Ball Gods awarded us the 4th draft pick, so hooray. I hope we can use it to draft Evander "The Real Deal" Kane. He MUST play in Atlanta. 

- This just in from Ben Wright: According to John Anderson, your current Atlanta Thrashers = the 1979-80 Edmonton Oilers. Stirring.

J.A.'s discussion of some of his complex systems, particularly his forecheck, is mightily interesting, actually.

- The playoffs start today! Huzzah! Your editor will be watching the New York Rangers get tea-bagged by the Washington Capitals tonight, right after he gets tea-bagged by leading political philosophers Sean Hannity and Joe the Plumber.

Mike Green with the game-winner tonight. Guaranteed. I'm so goddamn jealous of those red-rocking fans at the Verizon Center.

- So, it's Tax Day, and I know many of you are quite (and perhaps justifiably) upset with the level of money you have to fork over to Uncle Sam, for Use. Your editor has no idea what this is like, because his favorite Communist Secret-Muslim President just gave him a ginormous tax REFUND, but he knows political injustice when he sees it. If you're truly outraged by this government confiscation of your income, and unwilling to give a cent to a corrupt and wasteful government that will probably spend it all on Truck Nuts for retarded kids and a Truck Nuts Museum in Kentucky, surely you're ready to follow the honorable example of Henry David Thoreau and refuse to pay taxes for government actions you don't support.

You're willing to go to jail for your passionate beliefs, right? For Freedom and Truth and Justice? No? I suppose standing around outside the Capital Building tea-bagging each other is just as good.


A2B said...

Isn't that in Tehran?

Mortimer Peacock said...

YES. Address please; we won't stalk you.

A2B said...

4590 Northside Dr
Atlanta GA, 30327

keep the money, I just want the shirt.