Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More News from Berne

- The Czar is now 3rd in scoring with 3 goals and 3 assists in 3 games wooooooo. Russia's most recent game, a 4-2 win over Switzerland, saw Kovy making his presence felt on every goal except the closing empty-netter: one sweet goal, and two excellent passes for assists. Nice job, Your Excellency, beating the Swiss on their home ice and all.

- France just pulled off an upset victory over Germany by playing the trap. Amazing stuff because they actually play hockey in Germany. I shouldn't make fun though, being a hockey fan in the South and all. I wonder if Christian Ehrhoff is soon to join his compatriots, now that his Ultra-Fail performance against Anaheim is over.

- Jagr and the Czechs doing quite well.

- Canada beat Slovakia with 5 power play goals. And 2 at even strength; Martin St. Louis and Shea Weber both had 4 points apiece. Not even goal-scoring dynamo (seriously) Marcel Hossa could stop them.

"After two tough games we thought we should have won," Boris Valabik said, "it was tough to face such a good team..."

- Finland continues to be awesome. Pekka Rinne has allowed something like 1 goal so far. 

- Want to have fun? Watch the recap of the USA blowing out Austria. Captain Dustin Brown is playing like a BMF. Can I officially petition USA Hockey to make him captain next winter in Vancouver?

The Irish announcer's reaction to Hainsey's awesome set-up on the last goal: "Austria doesn't know what the hell happened there."

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