Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last Supper with the Florida Panthers

-...for this season, anyway. The Panthers, or at least head coach Pete DeBoer, still entertain hopes that they'll crack the Top Eight; evidently the responsibility for bringing them down to Earth lies with us.

- Not being in the playoffs is a real drag. Something about watching the Columbus Blue Jackets officially clinch their first ever playoff spot last night brought me to a new level of sadness.

- Does it seem unfair to you that 1) the Thrashers are much better without Jason Williams and Erik Christensen, and 2) Jason Williams and Erik Christensen (most likely) are headed to the playoffs?

- In other news, it's been announced that Fenway Park will host the next Winter Classic. That means the Boston Bruins and someone else, right? Perhaps they could try a Canadian team. Or the Thrashers. 

- Looks like several Thrashers will be playing in the World Championship this summer. Kovalchuk for Russia, Enstrom for Sweden, Valabik for Slovakia, and Bogosian and Hainsey for the United States. No word yet on whether Bryan Little will play for Canada; he certainly deserves to.

- I rarely write about other sports on this blog, but Jesus H. Christ did you see that Braves game last night? How does a team blow a 10-3 lead in the 7th inning, forfucksakes? Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

If we beat the Panthers in regulation then we guarantee the Canadiens get into the playoffs and we get our conditional pick from the Schneider trade!