Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh. Oh Yes. Ha. HAAAAA YEAAAAAAH. I Live My Life Like There's No Tomorroooow...

That Pens-Flyers game fucking owned. During the overtime, when the Flyers were defending their goal against a 5-on-3 Pens power play, I thought to myself (charitably but uncharacteristically): "Mike Richards is my fucking hero for taking a Sergei Gonchar (or whoever) slapshot to the balls, Braydon Coburn likewise."

I was so impressed with the 3-person heroics of Richards, Coburn, and Kimmo Timmonen that I barely noticed when Bill Guerin scored the game-winner. Man, Bill Guerin. Gotta love it when the crumbling old-ass veteran scores the clutch goal. I love playoff the Hockey. Dinosaurs still have a place in such an event, for Victories.

Please listen to this. You'll never regret it.

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