Monday, April 27, 2009

Toby Enstrom Injured by Belligerent Latvians, Wall

Never could trust 'em. Walls, that is.

Our Toby had to leave tonight's Sweden-Latvia game because, well, because:

At 51:04, there was a long stoppage of play after Sweden's Tobias Enström injured his face after he got slammed into the boards in the corner by Martins Karsums. He left the game, leaving Sweden with just four defencemen since Kenny Jonsson quit the game after the first period, due to a hip injury.

Damn. Sweden managed to carry the game to a shootout, then lost, the end.

Hopefully this is nothing serious. But I hear Switzerland is CHOCK FULL of healthful, restorative spas.

UPDATE: Just saw the video. More alarming than funny. Why don't you take a look?

Christ. I think that qualifies as a Really Dangerous Hit. Poor guy...anyone know where we can send get-well-soon cards?


the jointhead said...

Do thier board have a lip before the glass? It looks like he ate curb. Glab to see alot of players rush in to defend him. Nhl it is not.

Lavendurin said...

He's working out with MODO Hockey of the SEL during the summer, so you could probably send the cards to their address. If you're still thinking about it that is. Either way the address is:

MODO Hockey
(Att: Tobias Enström)
Box 49
891 21 Örnsköldsvik