Monday, April 20, 2009

Can You COUNT, Suckaaas?*

- 12 power plays. The San Jose Sharks have been indulged with 12 power plays, so far, in real life, during this playoff series against the Anaheim Ducks.

They've scored on 0 of them.

This is the same team that ranked something like 3rd in power play scoring during the regular season. What the hemhawing fuck is the deal?

Is Jonas Hiller this good? Something to ponder.

- Wouldn't it be hilarious, but in a bad way, if both the Sharks and the Caps get blown out of the water in the first round?

- Your Chronicle editor is so bored with the Thrashers not making the playoffs that he can't muster any excitement over the fact that our entire roster is playing for various countries in the World Championship in Switzerland.

- I want Evander Kane to come to Atlanta. Let's have a look at Evander Kane and Analyze His Play and Determine Things About Him.

Okay, he runs into people and does that thing where you ram people off the puck and into the boards. Presumably he inherits the puck after this ice murder and proceeds to find it a new home in the goalie's net.

We NEED this guy in Atlanta. He'd probably be the most physical scoring forward in ATL history even at the age of 14, or however old he is.


UPDATE: Oh hai Puck Daddy has things to say about Sharks misery too. Something about the power play. I wonder if the problem with the Sharks isn't the fact that Patrick Marleau, fine as he is, isn't a Cyrus. They need a Cyrus. 


the jointhead said...

To succed in the playoffs you need that tom cruise "days of thunder"
7th gear, you know the one where he just shifts one more time and starts passing everyone. If you can't find that gear your just going to end up sitting at home while tom cruise fucks nicole kidman. I don't like that presidents trophy thing either.

Laura (aka Hildymac) said...

The Blues have gone power play retarded and it is pissing me off. Our special teams were supposed to WIN us this series, and we're down 3-0. WTF?