Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 Tales from the West Coast

- Mike Chen on the evolution of Brian Engblom's hair. It's a detailed history, with pictures. I would call his present arrangement a sublimated mullet. Very zen.

- Elsewhere in California: Battle of Cali Kings blogger Rudy Kelly has a roommate, and he wants to tell you about this time Mr. Rudy inexpertly handled some young lady, "twice," in Mexico.

- A fellow at the San Jose Mercury News wonders whether the Sharks are way, way too chilled out to play playoff hockey.

Marleau and Joe Thornton certainly haven’t dominated play in Games 1 and 2. Nobody is getting mad or trying to fire up the room, that I can tell. Fans are mad, but not storm-the-arena mad. Things are relatively comfortable, still, in the Shark Universe.

It’s the Bay Area. It’s hockey. Only the 49ers and Raiders get the the high heat.

But I happen to believe, to the great discontent of most of the teams in the area, that good teams are made better by the toughest scrutiny–and bad teams are exposed more quickly by the best, harshest, most accurate criticism.


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