Monday, April 13, 2009

ACTUAL Playoff Match Ups

I don't mean to insult you by implying you didn't know already; just thought I'd pass along the real playoff match-ups and not the 100% fake ones I offered earlier.

Boston vs. Montreal

Washington vs. New York

New Jersey vs. Carolina

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia

San Jose vs. Anaheim (the much yearned-for Battle of California; I'm excited)

Detroit vs. Columbus

Vancouver vs. St. Louis

Chicago vs. Calgary

And this wouldn't be the Chronicle without silly predictions. Your editor predicts:

- Boston beats Montreal in 6 games

- Washington beats New York in 6 games

- Carolina beats New Jersey in 7 games

- Philadelphia beats Pittsburgh in 7 games

- San Jose beats Anaheim in 7 games

- Detroit beats Columbus in 5 games

- Much as I'd like to see St. Louis go far in this year's playoffs, I just don't see them beating Vancouver. Vancouver in 6.

- Calgary beats Chicago in 6.

Yessir, that's what I think. TV schedules here.

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