Monday, April 27, 2009

Musical Matters, Again

The Chronicle's secret Thrashers message board operatives tell me there's been a lot of discussion over there lately about the Thrashers' skate-out music, the possibility of finding a good song to play when they skate out, etc.

Might as well throw in my Eskimo pence.

I hear that some people have suggested Mastodon. Your Chronicle editor isn't the metal fan he was at 13, but he respects innovative, imaginative, intelligent music of any kind, and that certainly describes Mastodon. Plus they're local and rumored to be Thrash fans, so hooray! I wouldn't be against a Mastodon skate-out song. A brief note: their latest album is apparently a concept record about Czarist Russia, and there's a 10-minute-plus song on it titled--you guessed it--"The Czar."

Meanwhile, might I also suggest another song by another popular and critically-lauded Atlanta musical act?

It's famous, freaky, and fun. And extremely high energy. I see no downside. There's even a mention of a "net" somewhere in there.

Another candidate for skate-out:

Jump Into The Fire - LCD Soundsystem

And now some suggestions for other moments during the game.

When one of our players receives a penalty, why not play this song, by yet another great local band?

Bad Kids - The Black Lips

I've wished for a long time that right after an intense fight, just as the pugilists are falling to the ice, the arena would play the opening of this song:

TKO - Le Tigre

And goals? I'm a huge fan of Blur, and I love the fact that the arena folks play "Song 2" after most goals, even if it is one of Blur's least interesting songs. For an occasional change of pace, might I suggest these locals be played when one of our boys buries the puck?

Broken Mirrors In The Mud - The Selmanaires

Can you IMAGINE the crowd sing-alongs?

Okay, the inevitable question: what do you think would be a great skate-out (or fight, or penalty, or goal) song?


Anonymous said...

Maybe play Karma Police when the other team takes a penalty, especially the part where it says "This is what you get when you mess with us."

Mortimer Peacock said...

Ooh, good one.

robbie dee said...

seriously digging the indie rock o'er here!

FrenchCatalogues said...

The Stooges- "TV Eye"

Black Lips- "Boomerang"

13th Floor Elevators- "You're Gonna Miss Me" (when they get a penalty)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club- "Heart + Soul" and "Whatever Happened to my Rock n Roll"

Jay said...

Skate out: Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song"

FrenchCatalogues said...

In any good circumstance the arena has to play "Bang a Gong" by T Rex. They have been fools for not playing it.

FrenchCatalogues said...

In fights they'd have to play the Rudy Ray Moore song from Dolemite "Human Tornado." I've always been a firm supporter of mixing hockey with blaxpoitation films

FrenchCatalogues said...

If they ever show Bogo or Toby they should play "Superfly" by Curtis Mayfield. We need more of the Georgia soul making it to the arena. There should be some James Brown, there is no excuse for that.

Wayne from AL said...

As long as I never hear:
1. Zombie Nation
2. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
3. Rock & Roll, Part 2

again, I'll be happy.

The Falconer said...

I love me some Radiohead, but rather than Karma Police I'd like to see the players take the ice to the booming bass of "National Anthem" just once--I think that would be awesome.

Like the Selmanairse and Black Lips suggestions.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Radiohead's Bodysnatchers is pretty damn awesome too. "National Anthen" I'm totally with that. When the radio samples come in then that killer bass line, hell yeh. Maybe we can get Radiohead to just arena music. I also think the Arcade Fire would be good like "Keep The Car Running" or "Wake Up"

FrenchCatalogues said...

Also anytime to play some ELO is a good idea. I stand by that they are maybe the most underrated band ever. Slightly cheesy, but their songs are too catchy.