Sunday, April 26, 2009

News of the World

Is it just me, or is international hockey more exciting than NHL playoff hockey?

I hesitate to choose between the two, but it looks like all our boys are playing well in Switzerland.

- The USA (starring Zach Bogosian, Ron Hainsey, and Colin Stuart) beat Latvia 4-2 in their first game of the tournament. Jack Johnson scored two goals, Patrick O'Sullivan had one, not sure whether Hainsey or Bogo appeared on the score sheet. You can, however, look at all World Championship statistics here. UPDATE: It turns out that Ronald SASG Hainsey has earned himself 1 assist in 1 game.

- Russia re-enacted the Battle of Stalingrad and destroyed the Germans 5-0. The Czar had a classic Czar goal. Watch the video recap. As I type, the Russians are beating France 7-2. I know: Did some sniper named Sebastien distract Bryzgalov by blowing Gauloises smoke into his mask? Amazing.

- Canada is unstoppable. But then again, their opponents so far have been Belarus and Hungary, who they just beat 9-0. Colby Armstrong has one assist, last time I checked.

- Slovakia (starring Boris Valabik) has won one (thanks to a goal-scoring outburst by Marcel Hossa) and lost one. To Belarus.

- Finland (starring Anssi Salmela) has been awesome so far. Pekka Rinne is awfully good.

You can follow all the fun at the IIHF website and via the excellent coverage at Universal Sports. Enjoy.


aaron said...

Solid play on finding the video, sir.

Are those commentators Irish?

Mortimer Peacock said...

I was wondering that myself. I THINK they're Irish, but it sounds strangely hard to identify. It almost sounds like a mix of Irish and South African accents.