Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here You Go

The Eastern Conference playoff match-ups are now certain:

Boston vs. Montreal

Washington vs. New York

New Jersey vs. Pittsburgh

Philadelphia vs. Carolina

Buy your Blizzard cakes. The party starts now. Hit it Phil.


Big Shooter said...

Wow. What a great post. Bilzzard cakes and Phil Collins, together at last. Phil Collins, we should all try to be like this man.

The only series that seems intersting to me is the B's/Habs rematch.

And I think we should go Snickers, or maybe Heath, perhaps Butterfinger, Reeses?

Razor Catch Prey said...

There's actually not quite so much certainty just yet. Philly, Carolina, and Pittsburgh all have 97 points, with Carolina and the Pens having one game left and the Flyers having 2 more. Also, The Rangers and Habs could still swap places as they are tied at 93 points with a game to go each.

Out west, the Preds still have a tiny chance to get in, as they are tied with the Ducks and Blues at 88 points. However, both of those teams have a game in hand with 2 to go while the Preds play their final game of the regular season tonight againt the Wild.

Not much is settled out West, as the Canucks and Flames are going to have a photo finish to see who gets the third cede and who finishes below Chicago. In fact, the Flames are still in danger of being caught by the Jackets if they don't get at least a point in one of their final two games.

It'll all solidify by sunday evening. And Shooter, it's playoff hockey. Even a Flyers/Pens matchup can produce excitement.

FrenchCatalogues said...

B's and Habs, this going to be fun to watch. Like old times.....and last year

Wayne from AL said...

Bruins vs. Canadiens: remember the last time they met in the playoffs (2004?)