Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Things to Do in Atlanta, Now That the 2008-09 Thrashers Season is Dead

Watch the playoffs of course, but if you're interested in the brisk rainy air and occasional human experience beyond the television screen:

Go see a Braves game!

Nothing wrong with enjoying the Other Sports from time to time. You can waltz up to the box office at Turner Field pretty much any day of the week and buy tickets and such, which is good, because Turner Field is a fine ball-park and your Atlanta Thr--er, Braves have are currently tied with the Florida Marlins for the best record in baseball! These two juggernauts play each other tonight, though, so one of them presumably will end up with a better record than the other, blah blah blah, etc...Also, the girls at baseball games are, as our friends the Hungarians would say, well fit. Sorority types with whom your editor has neither luck nor serious inclination, but excellent eye candy nonetheless.

Attend one or more of the talking pictures at the Atlanta Film Festival!

This year promises to be a veritable feast of quality world cinema. Everything you could ever want to know here. All kinds of movies playing at pretty much every indie theater in town, a screening of Gone With the Wind at the Fox, and "coffeehouse conversations" with the Movie Folk right near where your editor lives! 

Your editor is particularly intrigued by the "Spotlight on Mexican Film" the Festival is offering this year, especially something titled Intimacies of Shakespeare and Victor Hugo, which sounds Ooooh Sexy. 

Get teabagged by Sean Hannity tomorrow evening!
Don't forget kids, tomorrow night Sean Hannity and Georgia's own Newt Gingrich are hosting some kind of tea-bagging orgy outside the gold-domed state capital building! Something about taxation and spending, and how Barack X Hussein Sadaam Muhammad Nobama invented both. Legend has it John Rich of Big & Rich is supposed to play, AND some local libertarians are planning to crash the party with these posters. There is reason to believe that noted conservative thinker Joe the Plumber will show up. Your editor will more than likely be there, For Laughs, taking photos, For Use.

Which reminds me: another thing to do now that Thrashers season is over: Don't forget to pay your taxes, welfare queen. Moving on...

Last but not least, you could attend something called Frolicon 2009 , which is apparently some kind of sci-fi/porn convention. Once there, you can participate in the Most Spankable Ass Competition. I swear I'm not making this up.



Wayne from AL said...

Damn, I miss Atlanta more and more every day...

FrenchCatalogues said...

I know just look at those fine pieces of ass.