Friday, April 17, 2009


Eminent Sharks blogger Mike Chen is trying to keep a cool head about his team's bad start. Earl Sleek is probably drawing a gloat-filled cartoon, probably featuring a duck taunting a shark behind one of those underwater cages.

Monsieur Catalogues and I watched the Bruins-Habs game deep in the recesses of the Decatur Taco Mac; shortly before Chara scored the game-winning goal with a massive slapshot, Monsieur said, "Man, I'd like to see Chara score a goal with one of those massive slapshots." Bruins fans should address all thank-you notes to
Monsieur Catalogues
Chateau de Vinyle
123 Rue de Pantalon Serré
Atlanta, GA

How about that Flames-Hawks game? Martin Havlat was certainly impressive, but did you see that Mike Cammalleri goal? Do you realize, Thrasher fans, that both of these young men are UFAs? Cammalleri and Havlat. Both of them. Just saying.

There is more to life than the playoffs though, like sexy high-speed trains hell yeah!

If we go the whole hog with this thing we can make it a North America-wide rail network, so you can easily go see a hockey game in Vancouver or Edmonton or Montreal and wake up the next morning in Oaxaca or New Orleans! Wooooo

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