Tuesday, February 24, 2009

There Are Reasons We Love Toby Enstrom

Tobias Enstorm
Best hockey player ever?

Ho ho, perhaps that's overpraise, but seriously: a goal, an assist, and stellar defensive play all night long. What a great Swede.

Meanwhile, the Thrashers kicked ass tonight. TWO SHORT-HANDED GOALS WOOOOOO

There were some problems though. Namely ----> power play sucked donkey balls. Which really didn't matter, because we scored on their power play instead.

Meanwhile Peverley continues to dispense. Kari's a bit more aggressive. Life is good. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS TEAM?

Tobias Enstrom has happened.


The Falconer said...

Who needs a Power Play when you've got a PK that can score at will :)

Anonymous said...

Of course, you do realize that with the Thrashers playing well right now, Waddell will turn around and trade Lehtonen and this year's first round draft pick to Minnesota for Marian Gaborik for the team's "playoff push". On a serious note though, I really hope this little hot streak doesn't stop Waddell from doing what he needs to do, which is trade a goalie(preferably not Lehtonen), Havelid, Exelby, Perrin, and Reasoner(if no extension can be worked out). Dear God, I can't believe I'm saying this, but the Islanders are setting a pretty good example of how to conduct a rebuild. Five picks in the first two rounds this year is pretty good. Waddell, take notes.

Big Shooter said...


I don't think this little push will keep Waddell from doing what needs to be done. It might cost us a top 2 pick, but I'm fine with that. You SHOULD still get a great player at 3,4, or 5. What it also could do is show Kovy we have made some improvements, which as I don't really need to point out is kinda important.

Anonymous said...

Will Lehtonen resign? Is this JA's system finally kicking in? Will our decent young defense turn into a stellar young defense? At least these are better questions than "are we going to suck forever?". I would still love to see DW go away. Steve Yzerman will be looking for a GM job. I'm just sayin.