Wednesday, February 11, 2009

At Least There are Koalas

Your Chronicle editor can be a grumpy and gloomy human, and why not, given the following:

- Your brave US American interrogators are slicing off dudes' balls, for Democracy.

- It looks like the next Israeli government will be a coalition of the mildly insane right-wing party and the absolute barking-like-a-retarded-dog, dude-in-urine-stained-pants-bellowing-about-the-Apocalypse-on-a-street-corner Insane far-right party, with an actual real-life human fascist and genocide enthusiast in the Cabinet.

- It seems like no economic recovery bill can pass the US Senate without allocating gazillions to "fossil fuel research" (nudge nudge wink wink) and eliminating ALL provisions for Communist plots like "school construction and technology" and the CDC, and slashing substantial funds from improving mass transit. Oil execs gotta eat too, I guess.

But then I see things like this wonderful Youtube video of an Australian fireman giving water to a dazed, scared koala who's lost his forest home. Just makes me want to weep.

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aaron said...

Cutest infestation ever.