Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Did Thrashers Fans Burn Down the RBC Arena?

There's a discussion/argument raging on the Thrashers messageboards over appropriate fan etiquette at an opposing team's arena.

As you all know, something like 160 Thrasher fans made a road trip up to the Great North Carolinian Wilderness for that last game against the Hurricanes. They were shown on TV several times, and from my distant perspective they seemed well-enough behaved.

Inevitably, because they were loud and enthusiastic there are rumors flying (in the Thrasher forums, not the Canes forums, as it happens) about Thrashers folk tearing up the seats, roasting Stormy the Pig on a large spit, actually killing people and setting fire to RBC Arena. I doubt much of this actually took place.

That said, if anyone chanted "WAAAAAARD! WAAAAAAAAAAA-AAAAARD! YOU SUCK!" during that game...well, if you did such a thing you're an actual retarded person.

On the other hand, if you're one of those prigs who gets offended by people shouting "Knights!" during The Star-Spangled Banner you're probably a Japanese fascist who approves of the Bataan Death March and feels nostalgic for the days of the Emperor.

Enough said. Nathan Oystrick has just murdered some Ranger on my TV screen. I should probably get back to that.


Lisa Lewis said...

Wow I guess myself and the rest of the 160 of us are retarded then.

That was only done at the begining of the game and then when we chose to drown out the Carolina fans serenading Kari with the same exact thing.

For the record Stormy was tasty!

Mortimer Peacock said...

Well, if it was in retaliation I retract my point.

I've heard the chant enough times at Philips during a shutout (against us) or a horrible loss to wonder about these things. I sort of find it questionable to taunt a goalie who's shutting us out. I'm all for it when we're ahead or when it's tied, though...not that it really matters when and where I approve of it.

While we're on the subject, why shout YOU SUCK at the end when it's customary (and, to my mind, funnier and more effective) to simply repeat the goalie's name over and over in a taunting zombie voice?

For example: "OSGOOOOOOD OSGOOOOOD OSGOOOD" x 100 until he loses all confidence and his head explodes.