Saturday, February 7, 2009

That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore

As you all know, there was a Thrashers game last night. Your Chronicle didn't make it past the first few minutes of the second period. We left for Taco Mac after the 4th Devils goal.

Fun Fact: the number of short-handed goals the Devils scored last night was greater than the number of ANY kind of goals scored by your Thrashers.

Despite what I said before the game, and it pains me to say this, I really didn't have any fun at all last night. I figured that even if we lost (always a looming probability) I'd be able to enjoy the relatively large Friday night crowd, the noisy drunken atmosphere, and what would hopefully be at least an effort by the Thrashers. And by "effort" I mean more than 1 goal. Or at the very least not giving up 5 goals.

I'm having a hard time enjoying this team on any level anymore. I can't even have fun laughing at them. It's just too hopeless and pathetic. Every time I walk into Philips I feel like I'm going to work. At a boring, grinding, hideous job.

Will we get Tavares? Maybe. It won't matter, though, if Don Waddell is still GM and the Atlanta Spirit are the still the owners a few seasons from now. It really doesn't matter if your team gets a Top 5 draft pick every year for ten years; if you don't have a good organization nothing will improve.

We don't have a good organization.

Also: Why the hell did John Anderson wait until it was too late to put Colby Armstrong--a guy who can actually score--on the top line with Peverley and Kovalchuk? What IS it with this Chris Thorburn business? Our President knows the score.

Apparently he also has a message for anyone who still believes this team is going anywhere.

This just isn't fun anymore.

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