Thursday, February 12, 2009

Idea for a Trade That Will Never Happen

Now then. The San Jose Sharks are the best team in the world, probably the best team ever, and certainly better than the Atlanta Thrashers. There's absolutely no reason for them to mess with their line-up as it stands.


- Trade Todd White for Joe Pavelski. This will fool Doug Wilson, because White has better stats than Pavelski this season. Trouble is, Pavelski is years younger than White and will only get better.

- Trade Colby Armstrong, who's a character player who could make a difference banging people around on the third line, for Jonathan Cheechoo, who's a confused scoring winger playing on the third line because the Sharks no longer have any need for him in the Setoguchi/Clowe era. Put Cheech on a line with Kovalchuk and Peverley and you've got the highest-scoring line in the league: the Czar's Pev-Dispensing Cheechoo Train.

You may have noticed your Chronicle editor is running low on inspiration these days. Perhaps Naughty Gras will help.

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