Friday, February 13, 2009

Idea for a Trade That Actually Might Happen*

(Don't miss the two updates below, now!)

The Fourth Period:

As the Sharks gear up for the playoffs, San Jose GM Doug Wilson is looking to strengthen his roster by acquiring depth players before the deadline.
Wilson is apparently looking for third-line forward and a No.4 or No.5 defenseman.

San Jose, meet Marty Reasoner, who's a million times better than Marcel Goc.

Atlanta, meet Jonathan Cheechoo, whose career would be revived by playing right wing to Kovalchuk and Peverley. Like I said: the Czar's Pev-Dispensing Cheechoo Train.

UPDATE: Perhaps I should explain this a bit better. Jonathan Cheechoo has not been playing on either of San Jose's scoring lines much of this season. He's stuck on the third line with Mike Grier and Marcel Goc. He doesn't belong there; for Cheechoo to have any effect he needs to be top six forward.

Problem is, the Sharks don't have any room for him in their top six anymore. Marleau, Setoguchi, Clowe, Michalek, and very probably Thornton and Pavelski are all going to have more goals than Cheechoo this season.

Problem is, in addition to being stuck on the third line, Cheechoo is soaking up quite a lot of San Jose's money. He's overpaid, in other words. I wouldn't be surprised if Doug Wilson is eager to get rid of him and free up some cap space for a true third-line checker like Marty Reasoner or Colby Armstrong.

Which brings me to what might be a more realistic option: Trade Armstrong for Cheechoo. That way, Cheechoo gets to play on the top line in Atlanta and San Jose has a good character guy on the third line who can bang people up and score goals.

Armstrong is on pace to have way, way more goals than Cheechoo this season. If I were Doug Wilson I'm not sure what would stop me from taking the cheaper, higher-scoring Armstrong and putting him on my third line in exchange for the (currently) overpaid Jonathan Cheechoo, who just might flourish again if he played with Ilya Kovalchuk and Rich Peverley. Or with John Tavares.

But, as they say, "Wow."

UPDATE II: Another reason for Colby Armstrong to go to San Jose: his younger brother Riley plays for their AHL affiliate, the Worcester Sharks.

*Perhaps some of the incomprehension over this post could have been avoided if I'd titled it "Idea for a Trade That Could Conceivably Take Place If Don Waddell Were a Sane Man." Apologies.


Anonymous said...

Trade that might actually happen? Marty Reasoner for Jonathan Cheechoo?


Mortimer Peacock said...

Ah, our old friend Anonymous.

Yes, actually. Have you seen Cheechoo's stats from this season? He's playing on the third line, the Sharks don't a have place for him in the top six anymore, and his cap hit is draining them of funds.

But you're right: "Wow." You've won the argument with that "Wow."

Big Shooter said...

I have to agree with Anon on this one. Cheech makes a lot of money, and I think they may want to move him, but if I'm Doug Wilson I want a lot more than a couple months worth of Reasoner in return...

Mortimer Peacock said...

You don't think Reasoner would sign with San Jose forever?

I ask again: have you SEEN Cheechoo's recent stats? Or watched any Sharks games this season?

Big Shooter said...

Reasoner may sign... BUT at the time of the trade he only has a two month contract. Big difference.

And yes, I know about Cheech's drop in production. Which is why I think he will eventually be moved. But a player that has score more than 50 goals in the NHL commands more than Marty Reasoner for 2 months.

If DW pulls that off, I need to take some things back that I have said about him.

Mortimer Peacock said...

Okay, perhaps a more realistic speculation:

Colby Armstrong for Cheechoo. He's way cheaper for San Jose and he's scoring more goals.


Big Shooter said...

Now you are getting in the ball park. Not saying it will happen, but I think that trade could help out both teams and both players...

Sarah said...

I love Cheech, but he's not scoring few goals because he's on the third line. He's on the third line because he's scoring fewer goals. I don't know if he peaked too early, or that injury zapped him. But he is not what he was.

It is kind of a loop he's stuck in now, too. He can't get much better on the 3rd line, but he has to get a heck of a lot better to crack the 2nd line.

So yeah, his hope to regain his star power may be to be moved. But will SJ do it? Other than price, there is no real reason to "get rid" of Cheech right now. Even if they "needed" a 3rd line forward for depth, why get rid of a well liked guy in Cheech (current 3rd line depth) and replace him with someone new to fill that role?

It may happen. It could happen. But if it did, it would be more to his benefit than SJ's right now, I think. But I like Cheech enough that he deserves the chance to shine again, even if I'd miss the ever loving heck out of him.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Yeah, he seems like such a genuine, nice guy. Part of me, though, wants this trade because I (traitorously) like the Sharks so much I'm curious to see what a guy like Armstrong could accomplish for them on the third line.

Sarah said...

I wouldn't mind Armstrong on the Sharks. Actually, I'd kind of like it. But after watching Atlanta this year, I'd feel bad subjecting Cheech to that. (No offense =P )

I've followed Mathieu for 16 years (jeez, I'm getting old!), and this year I don't recognize him. He's never been a defensive stalwart, but there is no way he got this bad over the summer. This is not just "age catching up." This is just not being on a bad team (hell, the guy rebounded his career with the LA Kings!). There is something toxic in that team. I don't know what it is, and I hope it is cleansed this summer. You all deserve better.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Couldn't agree more about something about the Thrashers just being toxic. I don't really consider myself a superstitous type, but sometimes I honest-to-God find myself wondering if there's some sort of curse that has to do with the Dan Snyder/Dany Heatley incident.

Hopefully things will change eventually. A start would be a new GM, and (this would be a downright luxury) new owners that will keep the team in ATL.

FrenchCatalogues said...

You could maybe throw in one of our lesser defensemen since they are looking for some. That could maybe get Cheechoo. The party and a lower pairing defensemen. The Armstrong idea isn't bad either. Either way, it'd be cool to get a Shark. If the Sharks win this year without Cheechoo, I'd feel really bad though.

Mortimer Peacock said...


Yeah, I'd feel bad about that too. On second thought, keep Cheechoo. His lifelong dream has always been to win the Stanley Cup with the San Jose Sharks.