Monday, February 2, 2009

O Hai Im In Ur Team Screwin Up Yr Linez

Knobler tells us the following:

Chris Thorburn returned to the Kovalchuk line in practice today, and Bryan Little returned to the line he has played on for the vast majority of the season. Here is how it looked:

Stuart-Reasoner-Armstrong (Christensen)

Okay. Were we winning with a top line of Kovalchuk-Peverley-Armstrong or was I merely huffing hallucinogenic coyote balls? Chris Thorburn has been tried on the top line with Kovalchuk several times; it's never, ever worked for a sustained length of time.

John Anderson's weird line combinations are a Fail. Our players (with some exceptions, you know them) are a Fail. Our GM is an esteemed Professor Emeritus of Fail. Our ownership is a Shāhnāmeh-Level Epic Fail.


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FrenchCatalogues said...

seize this honkus.

I'm kinda scared. I say trade all the good players because I feel sorry for them. We should just get a team of mules. We should still put Thorburn on the 4th line. I really don't get why people can get gay for him. Ugh. We's be in trouble.