Sunday, February 22, 2009

Congratulations Ilya, You Have Won The Oregon Trail

Well, well, well. What was it the great American poet Meatloaf once said... 5 out of 8 ain't bad. Those accustom to Thrashers February road trips know that it could have turned out much worse than this. Even in yesterday's game against the dreaded Sharks (see above) we played extremely well. Bogo continues to impress.

Many thanks to Captain Kovy for guiding us along this great Wagon Trail out West. It wasn't easy, Todd White was lost to dysentery. Slava broke his leg. And Boris died due to some sort of monkey virus. Yes kids, they had the monkey virus on the Oregon Trail. But with our great leader at the reins, we fought through tough times, small rations of food, and the risky move of not taking the toll road and instead floating down the river, but we did it!

We will be looking forward to our new start having made it to Oregon. That is what those folks were looking for back when they made the original journey on the Oregon trail. Go out west, leave the past behind and start all over. New beginnings bring excitement. And now we can get excited about our team all over again due to the successful road trip. Way to go boys!

Enjoy Coach's Corner from Hockey Day in Canada. Grapes has a GREAT line right at the end:

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