Sunday, February 8, 2009

Live Blog: Birds vs Flyers (1st Period Only)

3:00: Missing my first game of the year, I have no other option but to live blog the 1st period (I have to leave in the middle of the game to go to a meeting).

3:01: Wow, the game is in HD. So this is what it looks like on TV. NO ONE IN THE ARENA!

3:03 - JP, in his excellent hockey knowledge, tells us the Thrashers need a quick start. Thanks JP.

3:05 - I just counted everyone in the arena. Tonights attendance: 123.

3:09 - Puck drop. Sweet Lord those jerseys are ugly. Both teams.

3:11 - Penalty. Big surprise #18, 2 min Holding. I wish someone would hold me. I can't take it anymore. It's amazing how easy it is for other teams to enter our zone, yet we can't do the same.

3:13 - Thorburn on the PK. What is this team's hard on with this guy. I mean, he try much. He can't do much.

3:17 - Nice play by Kovy. One shot and then out of the zone. There is your problem. When we do get a chance, it is only one and then out.

3:18 - Crazy bounce almost lets in first goal. Even our boards suck.

3:20 - Coors commercial. Am I the only one that thinks Coors is awesome when you are in Colorado?

3:22 - Carter goal. Just as JP and Darren were talking about our great start.

3:25 - Great save by Moose. Shot from the point, deflection... Moose is just Moose. Why do we always turn the puck over along the boards? Un-good.

3:28 - We are out-shooting them. That is good. Pevs and Slava nice chance. A little sustained forecheck. Things look somewhat better...

3:29 - I wonder if Morty is having an ice-cold beverage for me like I asked. Out of all the ones he drinks today, I wonder how he decides which one is for me.

3:34 - What time does the game start today?

3:35 - Army in on a break, misses the net. This makes me sad.

3:37 - PP goes to work. Perhaps this is the game we break out of our little PP slump.

3:40 - Battle for puck along the boards. They have as many guys as us fighting for the puck. Hockey 101: when you are up a man, ALWAYS HAVE ONE MORE GUY THAN THE OTHER TEAM WHEN ALONG THE BOARDS FIGHTING FOR THE PUCK!!!!

3:42 - Period over. Darren says good period for the Thrashers. JP says yes, only down by one. This is the attitude we have to find a way to change.

3:59 - Gotta leave. At least I get about 20 mins of Kamal before my metting. Go get 'em boys.

4:01 - Well, why not give up one more goal just as I am leaving.

6:38 - Return home to find we lost 3-2.

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Mortimer Peacock said...

Liveblog=better than the game.