Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Boring Nothingness Before the Storm

Having a hard time coming up with much to say in these pre-trade deadline dog days. In lieu of Chronicle Funtime, take a look at some of these good reads from around the Thrashers and NHL blogosphere:

- The Falconer finds a way to work the musical Chicago into a truly captivating post about an Atlanta Spirit investor who has a hard time remembering whether or not he lied to Jermaine Dupri and Citibank. Don't believe me? Read.

- The Falconer also notes Kari Lehtonen's stats since his return from annual injury:

Not only has Lehtonen been playing MORE minutes, he has also been playing BETTER in net. Both his GAA and SV% has gone up markedly since his return to the active roster.

Can our favorite Finn stay healthy for a full season? Time will tell. Did I mention that I'm low on material lately?

- If you haven't checked out Cycle Like the Sedins lately or ever, now's your time to indulge. Written by one James T. O'Brien, who also writes for the Battle of California, it's one of the finest blogs in the republic of hockey blogs, in my infallible opinion. Lately James has been thinking about who might be included on an "All-Decade Team." In other words: who are the best centers, wingers, defensemen, goalies, fighters, and loudmouths of the 00s?

Since we're in the final year of this horrible (but culturally rich, in some areas) decade, now is a good time to think about such things. Lately Monsieur Catalogues and I have been discussing what we'd put on our Best Movies of the Decade and Best Albums of the Decade lists. Didn't occur to me to do the same for hockey until I read the recent posts at CLTS.

The inevitable question: Who's on your All-Decade Team?

- Remember Wil Wheaton? The lanky main kid in Stand by Me? Well, via Chronicle favorite Mike Chen I've discovered that he's recently been writing about hockey on his blog. Didn't know the kid from Stand by Me has a blog? Yes sir, been doing it for years, and it's actually reasonably interesting, covering all kinds of subjects. The man loves him some Los Angeles Kings.

- Speaking of a blog covering all kinds of subjects: I'm not a great fan of strict specialization, though I can see its uses from time to time. What I'm talking about, of course, is this: Monsieur Catalogues and I have revived a pre-Chronicle music blog that we threw words and Youtube clips onto for a while before abandoning it for well over a year. Well, now it's back, with some notes about the imminent U2 and Black Lips albums. Your Chronicle editor has also set up a solo blog where I'm writing about culture and politics and shit. I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing, but if you're interested...

Christ, I'm boring myself. Let's just watch Tintin.

"Hold on Snowy it's morphing time."

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