Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some Notes on Tonight's Game

- Goalie City. Just how great is Kari Lehtonen? Too bad he didn't get the shutout.


- Alright, Your Czarness. A word. Remember who you are. The Czar does not miss empty net goals. Ever. I can see you're beating yourself up about it and feel suitably embarassed for yourself and ashamed for your team and your goalie. Don't torture yourself over it. Go back to your swank Manhattan hotel, take a bath, meditate, go to sleep, think of it no more and don't ever do it again. Ever.

- Perhaps the Czar would have hit the net if Colby Armstrong had been around.

- Bryan Little. Beautiful shootout goal.

- Slava Kozlov = best shootout artist ever?

*Motzko isn't an Italian name, but it should be when your first name is Joey.