Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Chronicle is Famous Among Bruins

Your Chronicle owes Tom at Here Come the Bruins! 20 bottles of claret and several boxes of Truck Nuts (in all colors) for his kind--and, let's be honest, perceptive--words over at his blog. I have to give him particular kudos for noticing what happens to be your Chronicle editor's only rule: new posts every day. We break it from time to time, of course, but, well, you know...

Tom, if you'd give us your address we'll get to work on mailing the claret and the Truck Nuts. We promise we won't stand outside your window and stare all night long.

More importantly, his central point is that the Thrashers can boast of a very large and diverse and capable blogosphere. Most underrated on the Interwebs. We agree.

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