Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Games

I didn't want to go in for the "A Tale of Two Games" cliché, so I decided to go with a paraphrase of Adam Zagajewski.

You know, Adam Zagajewski. Adam Zagajewski?

Anyway, what an evening of hockey! I actually managed to watch quite a lot of the Thrashers game, and still caught a generous helping of the crazy Sharks-Bruins game.

Both games were plenty entertaining, though I have to say the Sharks-Bruins game was the most well-played I've ever seen. It was damn near balletic. Just beautiful, beautiful stuff. How about that Ryane Clowe? Most underrated player in the game today, if you tie me up and slap me around and cut me up with a knife (U-S-A! U-S-A!) until I talk.

Sorry. What a gruesome incursion into a jolly post. Didn't mean to bug you. I should be thankful really. Fighting them over there, etc., so we can all be safe...

Thrashers got it done. Why does Vinny Lecavalier hate Colby Armstrong? How great is Kari Lehtonen? Nice to see the Czar get that empty-netter; clearly, he reads the Chronicle, possibly in its Russian digest form.

Big sale on Truck Nuts.

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