Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shorter AJC Dude Named Hummer (heh heh heh)

Need to take up some space on the old Microsoft Word. Hmmm...what to say?

Oh yeah, the Thrashers aren't very good. I read this thing in the Toronto Sun that said something about something. Ray Ferraro thinks the Thrashers are struggling; myself, I cannot disagree.

Something something something owners something legal battle something something.

Talked to a guy who used to a play for the Flames.


Longer version here.

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Anonymous said...

Don't dismiss the article by Steve Hummer, or the other article by Kristi Swartz about the upcoming court trial...I've been telling anyone with a Thrashers blog that this stuff will NOT end even when the gavel ends the upcoming trial for the simple reason that the loser(s) will obviously appeal and drag this through the legal system for at least another season!

If Hawk fan is giving Thrasher fan a smug look, let me remind him that if this goes another year because of appeals, it will affect his team with the 2010 offseason free-agent signings. (First prize: rhymes with Medron Names.)

If this mess ends definitively with a decision in favor of ASG, they'll still have to peel off over $100 million+plus to make Belkin go away; if the judge sides with Belkin and the original decision that he should buy out the others, the Thrashers are for sale, and who the hell wants to buy a team in this economic climate?

In short, the court case is only the second period of the fight...