Monday, February 2, 2009

What Does the Groundhog's Prediction Mean for the Thrashers?

So today was Groundhog Day.

Famous season-prophet rodent Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow early this morning, which means another six weeks of winter or something.

ON THE OTHER HAND, as the matrons are saying, Atlanta's own antebellum-styled furry gentleman, General Beauregard Lee, used Twitter this morning to proclaim an early spring.
What does this mean for your Thrashers? A sudden end to sucking? I doubt it. This groundhog, I'd wager, knows little to nothing about hockey, and therefore has no business commenting on it.

Anyone who pays attention to the Thrashers knows that there's no Early Spring in sight. We fully intend to keep up a long winter of Epic Fail, thank you very much, General. Now back to the plantation with you and don't forget to harass the sweet tea.


Big Shooter said...

Thrasher fans are living Bill Murray's version of Groundhog Day.

Anonymous said...

10 more weeks of sucking.