Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The World of Hockey, the Hockey of the World

- Item! Craig Hartsburg has been fired! Will the Senators ever find a decent coach?

If the Sens were smart (the GM, not necessarily the players) they would've hired Bob Hartley. A whip-cracker like Hartley could sort those guys out. Doesn't matter much to me, though; I'm happy to see them fail. (To all the Sens fans who probably aren't reading anyway: don't take it personally; I encourage you to keep supporting your team regardless of what a powerful and influential organ of hockey opinion like the Chronicle says. -Ed.)

- Via Puck Daddy, the common ancestor of the ape and homo sapiens has finally been unearthed:

- Speaking of former Thrashers, do you remember a young Slovak by the name of Marian Hossa? Yeah, he basically scored a hat trick tonight. It wasn't a proper hat trick, I suppose, since one of the goals came in the shootout. But my Lord, what beauties all three were.

- Your Chronicle editor has a bad case of Ovechkin-envy.

- Your Chronicle editor is finally beginning to understand why the Republicans are so gay about Reagan.

I mean, I figured Obama would be okay, but I didn't think he'd have the balls to close Gitmo or appoint an even-handed, fair-minded human being to oversee our Middle Eastern dealings. After he appointed born douche-nozzle Tom Daschle to some meaningless cabinet position, and after reading this item in the LA Times, I figured he'd probably turn out to be the same as his recent predecessors, albeit much better-looking and much, much less stupid. Turns out, though, that the LA Times doesn't know what it's talking about!

And did I mention he's closing Gitmo and appointing a shockingly fair and reasonable man to be special Middle East envoy? He even talks about football and stuff:

Don't you just love this guy? No? I get it: you're waiting out this barbarous Dark Age in anticipation of the Palin Renaissance, when this nation will be returned to its rightful rulers, with plenty of Truck Nuts.

- Finally, I can't believe that no one in this blog's vicinity has mentioned the Puppy Bowl.

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