Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I See What You Did There

So I'm sitting here looking into my electric computing machine, using the clicker to call up the Atlanta newspaper in the screen, hunting for news about the Hockey in general and the Thrashers in particular.

I'd forgotten all about the AJC's Vent; I'd, uh, forgotten even more (?) about the AJC Sports Vent.

It's really witless and terrible stuff.

Some examples:

- Gee Phelps, that $40 bag of weed just cost you several million in endorsements. Maybe you will think about how stupid you are before you puff next time.

- Yeah, I'll watch the Thrashers after they fire Don Waddell. Until that time, I'll just watch the Hawks.

- Thanks to those Russian girls, I am now a tennis fan.

Hooooo boy I'm tellin' yer WHUT! There's always room for jokes about hot Russian chicks who play tennis, but...are these supposed to be examples of Teh Fun-E? Or are they just supposed to be cutting and insightful observations? I mean, this is the most banal stuff imaginable. People might as well write in and say "Yeah I like the Sports."

Perhaps I'm a philistine. I never got Dane Cook either.

P.S. All of you who are like "ZOMG Michael Phelps is the worst person ever whut about teh kidz" need to get a grip. I think you should be more alarmed about the fact that we live in a society where celebrities are expected to be "role models" to your lobotimized children, with no private lives to speak of (the flip-side to this "Michael Phelps must be a role model at all times" business being a creepy mass voyeurism about what he does at parties and such), than the fact that Michael Phelps's life doesn't conform to some impossible, delusional ideal of "good behavior."

Am I bugging you? It is not my intention to bug you.


Anonymous said...

Don't you know you're supposed to go to the Pens blog for your useless internet bitching and retarded junior high jokes?

aaron said...

+1 for the Rattle & Hum reference