Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Sorts of Thrashers Buzz A-Buzz

I hope my suggestions for Valentine's Day came in handy. I trust your day has included all manner of unnatural sins.

Moving on from this dumb holiday (which isn't even a proper holiday: we don't even get the day off, and besides, it's SATURDAY) let's take a look at all the the trade rumors hovering over the Thrashers.

You might have read via Ben Wright and the Falconer that our great former beat writer (and Big Shooter BFF) Craig Custance has returned to blogging. His return post deals with possible deals involving everybody's favorite tragic bird-themed team. Our man writes:

Here's what we know about Colby: The Penguins did NOT want to include him in the Marian Hossa deal last year. Their original offer didn't include Armstrong but on the final day when it looked like Hossa would go elsewhere, Ray Shero was left with no choice. If Army was in the deal, it was done. And that's what happened.

Here's what else we know about Armstrong: He's close with Sidney Crosby, he's great in the room and he's a heck of an actor in local car commercials. He's also on pace for a career-high 21 goals. So don't think for a second that the Penguins haven't at least kicked the tires on what it would take to bring him back to Pittsburgh. But what's the asking price for a guy who has all the intangibles and is also a 20-goal scorer?

"Somebody is going to have to blow me out of the water," Waddell told me. "He's the kind of player we need in this organization."

- The Chronicle agrees that Colby would make fine trade-bait, but for the love of God, Don, please don't send him to Pittsburgh. I mean, I can see every reason why he wants to go back: adoring fans, Sidney Crosby, etc. I sympathize with Army's homesickness, but what exactly would we get back? Another draft pick?

Unless we could get Jordan Staal or someone along those lines the Chronicle declares a plump and galumphing NO to this idea.

- Why not send him to San Jose, who--if the somewhat reliable Fourth Period can be trusted--are looking for a good third-liner? How about that Jonathan Cheechoo, folks?

- Or maybe send him to Phoenix in exchange for Kyle Turris, who will presumably turn into something one day? What do you folks think?

- I see our friend Rawhide has gotten a new address and had renovations done to his home at the AJC. Update your blogrolls, kids.

- According to Custance, Waddell just got back from an Ingmar Bergman festival in Sweden. He'll be screening The Seventh Seal in the locker room before every game from now on.

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Anonymous said...

Trade Armstrong for the rights to a sample of Staal sperm and breed generations of quality players.