Friday, October 2, 2009

What Ho, Thrash Season Eve

You know me, readers. I hate to take even a short break from the Ron Hainsey festivities, but it's Thrashers Season Eve. Can't help but feel like tomorrow is Christmas, or something like it. And how do I celebrate cheerful holidays like Thrash Season Eve?

Usually by watching this:

Dr. House used to be such a bright and chirpy fellow.

P.S. The Blueland Chronicle Fantasy League is in full swing. I dare you to have a look at the post-first game standings.

P.P.S Yeah, the Face Off thing last night was, well, whatever. Big Shooter high-fived Moose, and because we didn't really want to stand in line we adjourned to the Taco Mac with the proprietress of Wazzupwitchu? (code name: "Laura") and watched the Caps-Bruins game, while drinking. THAT was a good time.


Mr. Speaker said...

Just plucked Schubert of Ottawa fame off of re-entry waivers to add insurance / depth. Nice move.

Colbs is goin' on IR and we all know where Boris Valabik stands...


Good move Waddudley!

Big Shooter said...

Not to dwell on details Morty, but is was in fact a "Moose tater", and not a high five.

Huuuunnnee de choclate, hunnneee de moose. Moose moose.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I like the pickup of Schubert. He's a big upgrade over Oystrick and Valabik as our 7th defenseman, and could potentially replace Salmela in the third pairing.

In other news, Adam Oates has been hired as an assistant coach in Tampa. This is a bad thing for the Thrashers, that the Bolts now will receive daily pointers from the best passer in hockey history.

Mr. Speaker said...

Good points Razor, but a guy named Gretzky might have been just a teeny bit better than Oatesy. Loved watching that guy play for RPI growing up in upstate NY! Great hire for sure...the Bolts will be much tougher this year. Let's hope the Kitty Kats suck without J-Bo and Carolina really shows their age this year.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Unfortunately, the Panthers were sounding halfway decent through the first two periods against the Blackhawks this afternoon and eked out a shootout win.

The Cats were apparently out-chancing the Hawks in the first half of the game. Kane put Chicago up by scoring on a breakaway after coming out of the penalty box, but obviously it didn't stand.

Jay said...

I'm so excited for tomorrow night! Can't wait to see Antropov, Kubina, and Kane for the first time. I hope Pavelec/Moose play well.