Friday, October 16, 2009

Here We Go

Wooooooooo. Choppy game, sleek win.

Stumbled around a bit in the 1st, but Pavelec was great then and for the rest of the game.

Rich Peverley is some sort of island god.

Evander Kane's goal, like his first one, was superstar-level awesome. I wonder what if feels like to beat Martin Brodeur with that kind of finesse at age 18.

Nik Antropov made the smartest play I've ever seen tonight. Standing in front of the net and screening Brodeur, he received a pass from Peverley and passed it right back for the Pevs Dispenser's second goal. He could have hacked away at it, which most players would have done if they were standing directly in front of the net. But Antro was using the noggin. Very smart, very pretty play.

Short-handed goals are always glorious, but the Thorburn-Enstrom-Reasoner effort tonight was excessively glorious.

Eric Boulton got EVERYTHING going with his hellacious fight against that one guy after the first Devils goal. He's the best tough guy in the league.

Our special teams rule. Even our penalty kill.


Speaker of Relief said...

2 words: FUCK and PHEW!!!

Your summary nailed it Morty. The third line saved our tails along with Pavy and the PK. Pavelec especially was excellent; very little swimming in the blue paint and nairy (sp?) a rebound. Hmmm, take your time healing Kari??

Still a lot of things to work on but the overall team defense is so much better thanks to Kubina, Salmsy and Pops fought like hell to keep the puck away from his goaltender tonite.

At the end of the day, I think it says a lot about the potential of this team when they can sleepwalk offensively through the first 20 mins and still win without any contribution from our fearless Kaptain Kovalchuk. If Kovy is a gansta Czar, then Peverley is a prince of puckdom!

Jay said...

Peverley was Puck Daddy's first star for Saturday. Thanks Nashville!

Razor Catch Prey said...

Richard "Steal of the Century" Peverly!

And Speaker, I believe the spelling is "nary."