Monday, October 26, 2009

Bob McKenzie is Such a Reassuring Presence

Just for the hell of it:

Joey Crabb-White-Little

Consider trading Jimmy Slater for Alexander Frolov.

I need cheap red wine to calm me down.

[McKenzie Twitter]


Big Shooter said...

Bob McKenzie is my favorite person on this planet, after myself.

the jointhead said...

Frolov is screaming to be a top six forward. What the fuck is he doing on the third line in LA anyway?

Big Shooter said...

Clearly they are going through some growing pains with him. Will be very interesting to see what happens. You could probably get him for less value right now than he is really worth. I'd jump all over it personally.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Kari and Jimmy for Frolov and Brown.

I'd like to see this:





Big Shooter said...

Kane - Little - Antro

Kozy - Pevs - Fins

Crabb/Slater - White - Army

Boults - Party - Thor

Razor Catch Prey said...

I do have to say I like the sound of the White Crabb Army.

h said...

Jason Krog????? yeesh. why why why

Mr. Speaker said...

KROG????!!! In the flavorful accent of Jean Claude van Damme, "waht dee fack?!"

I'd rather see us move Schubert to forward to play LW instead of Kane who deserves a chance on the top line. While we're at it, sign Chelios to play with Bogosian, move Enstrom to play with Kubina and let Hainsey play 3rd pairing minutes with Salmela whom he had chemistry with last season.

Kane - Antro - Max

Kozzy - Pevs - Army

Schubie - Reasy - Litts

Boults - Thor - Slates (Crabb)

Bogey & Cheli

Kuby & Toby

Anssi & Ronsey

Pavelec / Moose

Easy Stanley Cup contender! ;-)

Mr. Speaker said...

Oh yeah, trade Whitey & Lehtonen for Frolov, Jon Quick and some LA sunshine to dry up Cobb County.

h said...

I see Krog was 2nd on team with points and 2nd on team with +3......but it is Krog.....

GoPuckYourself said...

Kings just re-signed Quick to a 3 year deal, and he's healthy and actually playing right now. DW just said recently that they don't know when Kari's going to be back.

In other words, Kari isn't worth a damn thing in a trade. I'd love to see a Kari + White + draft pick to get Frovol, but it ain't gonna happen.