Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bad Bounce, Happens All the Time. Bad Bounce, Happens All the Time. Bad Bounce, Happens All...

Two things.

1) I have serious questions about our goaltending.

2) For those that were there tonight: the ice girl that scored that super-finessed awesome goal during the 2nd intermission, and proceeded to do the Teemu Selanne "throw your glove in the air and shoot at it with your stick" thing is the single most erotic thing I've ever seen in my entire life.

Make that three things.

3), what?

Actually, make it five.

4) Congrats on the shutout, Pavs.

5) Evander Kane and Rich Peverley are glorious.


Jay said...

Sloppy game. If the Thrashers played the entire game how they played in the third period, then it would have been a different outcome. The Ice girl, um, yeah. That was nice. I'm glad to see our goaltenders have perfected the relief shutout. You're exactly right, Evander Kane and Rich Peverley are wonderful. If Kovy is out for any time(God forbid) I'd like to see Kane on the first line with Antro and Mad Max. The kid is ELECTRIC.

GoPuckYourself said...

Agreed on the Ice Girl goal. That was awesome.

Unfortunately, our goaltending has not been so awesome. I'm not saying we should call Manny Legace, know, maybe we should call Manny Legace.

Whatever juggling of the lines was going on in the 3rd period, it was working. Nik, Max, and Kane had that building buzzing when they were out there together. Also, if majority of our shots weren't at Nabokov's glove hand, maybe this game goes a little bit differently.

Met a few Sharks fans. Assholes. Yuppie drunk assholes, they were.

the jointhead said...

Growing pains? Adversity, how do we respond? So far were responding well, fighting. This is going to be the stretch of games that determines the future of this franchise. Please be ok Kovy.