Thursday, October 8, 2009

GAME DAY: St. Louis Blues

The Thrashers are in the wild and woolly city of St. Louis tonight. Their purpose? To inflict a defeat on the St. Louis Blues and get themselves a winning streak.

The Blues are on an impressive winning streak of their own: surely you know all about how they beat the Red Wings, twice, in Sweden (land of the Lidstroms and most of Detroit's team). The Blues are a much better team than the Tampa Bay Lightning, so tonight's game might be a bit more difficult than the opener. They have a sterling defense that can certainly slow down the Thrashers forwards. And it's their home opener, so the team and their fans will be quite pumped up, etc. And, in the interest of full disclosure, I should admit that I have both Brad Boyes and Keith Tkachuk on my fantasy team.

Can it be done?

We think so. Mainly because John Anderson has done what we've long wanted him to do, and made our forward line-up into this:


One of the Greek Gods will sit, making our fourth line forever the Party Line. This holds promise.

And now for some St. Louis blues, the middle way between the Delta and Chicago:


Big Shooter said...

Simply can't wait to watch this one tonight. HD, my friends. Then the Oilers at 9:00. This will be the first night I've had to sit down and watch hockey on TV this season. Should be a good one...

A2B said...

So its too bad Legace isn't up at the big club... that would be so classic if he beat his old club. It would be good justice, I say.

Razor Catch Prey said...

I was reminded this morning that Chris Chelios has been on the ice with the Wolves. We need to send Boris down just to get slapped around and told how to act like a man.

Speaker of Truth said...

I can haz glorious HD!!! Woo hoo!

Too bad the cheap bastards at ASG can't at least piggy-back the HD feed of every road opponent instead of giving us 20 games, 13 of which are at home.

Don't get me wrong, Philips looks great on Comcast Ch. 48, but how cost prohibitive could it be to buy into the broadcast against our road opponents that are already in hi-def? If they want more fans to watch, make sure the damn feed is in HD and then advertise the hell out of it!!

Let's go boys, let's deliver a strong message to resonate throughout the hockey world!!

PS -- Big Shooter, good seeing you outside of the Bulb after the win Sat night!

A2B said...

speaker, I would rather them invest in players now, and then on HD later. I mean we don't exactly have a team that is fun to look at in HD. I thik we might scare off potentional fans with some of our players faces

Razor Catch Prey said...

A2B- we just have to do what the Canes do. They know that Brind'amor would scare everyone away, so they give more screen time to their Storm Crew or whatever they call those girls.

Really, I would think that Philips would put some pressure on to have all Thrashers and Hawks games in HD. I mean, isn't it kind of embarrassing that events taking place in an arena named for a company that makes HD televisions are broadcast in SD?

A2B said...

Razor, but wouldn't Phillips also want to brag that they are broadcasting good teams rather than average teams in HD? I mean, if I'm the CEO of Phillips I put pressure on ASG to get a playoff team out there and then throw them money to maintain that level to get them more games on a national level. It sounds kinda backwards but think of it this way, more people in phillips= more people seeing the phillips experience section, more TV games= bigger marketing for lower cost than a regular commercial spot. Its a bonus for both sides and keeps money flowing.

Big Shooter said...

Speaker - Excellent seeing you as well, even if at first you confused me with Morty. I am much prettier than he is. Please remember this in the future.

And I agree on the lack of HD games. As a STH, I don't watch home games on TV for obvious reasons. It would be nice for us to, get with the times, as the kids say (do they still say this, you never know with those Krazy Kids). I almost enjoy it when we don't televise road games so there is a better chance of getting to watch HD on the other teams channel on the center ice package.

I can has cheezeburger?

Mortimer Peacock said...

Big Shooter is Kevin Bacon pretty.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

Road games in HD are more of an issue for SportSouth than for Atlanta Spirit simply because of the low ratings for the Thrashers. (Figures revealed last year showed only 6,000 Atlanta homes watched Thrasher games.)

Mr. Speaker said...

Yeah I'm terrible with names / faces the first time, but now I will never forget who the Big Shooter is...I may now resort to calling him Big Bacon! Oh dear.

A2B - I understand where you're coming from, but in a market where few people have realized how amazing the game of hockey is, you can't just assume people won't watch because the product is suspect. Marketing decisions should be made in the effort to make money, not because the team sucks for a couple of seasons. At some point you must spend $ to make $. They seem to be learning that in the wake of Hossa-gate.

Wayne stuck in AL said...

BTW: Philips is out of the HD business; they sold their TV manufacturing concern to LG.