Thursday, October 8, 2009

Keep Things Like This

The Czar did some Czar stuff tonight. First and foremost, #300 and #301. Also: good defensive plays, sensible hockey, etc.

Secondly, Evander Kane is the real deal. The passes from Peverley and Armstrong were perfect, and Kane's goal even more so. And oh yeah, he's a stellar penalty killer.

Toby and Bogo continue to rule.

Liking this.


the jointhead said...

Keep kane on the big club fo sho. Great motor on that kid, and He could play on any line. Mad Max might just be the best pick up of the offseason. Anything can happen when hes got his stick on the puck.

Big Shooter said...


Jay said...

Pavelec played well tonight. Was definitely saved by an active defense on several occasions. Kane is an amazing young player. His play on the PK was great tonight. This team excites me som much. The speed, the youth, the cohesiveness. The passes are crisp and on the mark. John Anderson's system in year two seems like it will make the Thrashers winners. Shock the World.

GoPuckYourself said...

PK was good. Pavelec got better. Goals were scored. Kane/Pevs/Army was fun to watch. 2 points. I'm happy.

Only complaint is Comcast burying the SportsSouth HD channel at the bottom of their channel guide and not having the Thrashers-Blues game listed on the channel guide. Apparently all Thrashers telecasts will be known as "Off-Air" this season.

FrenchCatalogues said...

Can you dig it!

Mortimer Peacock said...


Totally agree about Max. He's an exciting player, and moves the puck down the ice like whoa.


INDEED. Some people have dissed Pavs' performance tonight, but I thought he was pretty good. There were, of course, some mistakes, but he did fairly well overall I think.


A scandal.

Daculafan said...

Hey buddy...

That's the way to start off a road trip. I do have confirmation from Toronto media though that we are acutally using Cyborgs and mirrors to do that..and we are being moved immediately to Sault St Marie to play in their municipal arena as we only have 2 fans in the city.

The following media have confirmed: Adam Proteau (my favorite Bouchedag) and Al Strachen

Seriously - Way to Go Thrashers...nice job Kovy..and Evander is for real...why did I ever doubt him??

If we can keep this up maybe the Czar will give us a treat and not a trick by Halloween with his signature.

Night fellow Thrash fans

h said...

great game. Agreed on Kane, he's here for good. Pavs looked better, not great, but better, and most importantly, he made 2 very good saves in 3rd period. Other than a couple of bad 3 minute stretches, the team played very good D.....Here is my big many more games of Peverley does the organIzation need to see of him before they lock this kid up. Seriously. He is just a great fundamental player and he puts the biscuit in the basket. He and Army are great 2-way players. Lock these kids up. 2-0 is a good start......3-0 would be even nicer.