Saturday, October 17, 2009

Game Day: Buffalo Sabers

Let's hope those Thrashers keep up their winning ways tonight as they make their way into Buffalo. Anderson had said Moose would get the call, but no news that I am aware of this morning... leaving the door open for a possible start from Pavs after his strong play last night.

Some of you readers out there may remember that Chris Thorburn has not exactly been my favorite player. Well, I'm a big man and can admit when I am wrong. After seeing last nights game it is clear that Thor is the single greatest hockey player ever to live (this includes air hockey, bubble boys hockey, roller hockey, but strangely enough... not video game hockey). Also, I am in love with Evander Kane and I don't care what you think about that. It comes down to this... who would you rather have: Kane or Slater? I rest my case.

Back to tonight's game.... there seems to be a viewing party tonight at TJ's. Sadly, Big Shooter is unable to make it tonight. But it looks as though the Fan Club and Rawhide's Rowdies will both be there. Promises to be a noisy place, for sure.


aaron said...

That picture... amazing.

Razor Catch Prey said...

Aaron beat me to it, but I still have to say that is the most awesome picture of all time.