Friday, October 2, 2009

Hainsey on Hockey This Morning

Ron Hainsey made up for his Wednesday absence, calling in to Hockey This Morning on NHL Home Ice at 9:05 today. He discussed last night's Montreal/Toronto game which he watched to see his USA Hockey buddy Mike Komisarek. He also talked about how great camp has been despite the injury, what a surprise it was to be told yesterday in practice that he would be wearing the A, and how good the team looks heading into Saturday's season opener.


Anonymous said...

Does Ron Hainsey have a nickname yet? He needs a good nickname.

Razor Catch Prey said...

He has a nickname, but he doesn't have a "good" nickname. Ron "Oh My God It's Ron Hainsey" Hainsey is too damn long.

Mr. Speaker said...

How about Ronsey "off the chainsey" Hainsey??

A bit long, but fun to say.

I guess if Kane is "Kaner" than Ron can be "Hainer"...LOL

But that's too close to Doris' nickname of "heinous"! ;-)

Jay said...

I thought I heard that in Montreal they used to call him "Hollywood" Hainsey. But I'm not sure if that was in a nice way.