Friday, October 23, 2009

I Jes Luv That Moon

I don't know about you, readers, but your Chronicle editor is still feeling out of sorts about that game last night. Not upset, and not even pissed off (like I said I was last night, which wasn't quite true even then). Instead I'm in some strange new mood vis-a-vis the Thrashers: more or less confident about the team, irritated by a few easily avoidable mistakes that led to a narrow loss, and bewildered by the sheer weirdness of the game.

It's Friday, and I think we all need to unwind with a little brandy and piano. At the moment, your editor is trying to culture himself, so it's gotta be Debussy.

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MissBlondie13 said...

I felt it was a game we could have easily won. Of course, because I had asked HildyMac, "So how are we feeling about the Pavs this year?" and she said, "Oh I've changed my mind, the kid is really doing better than I thought," - then he just imploded/fell asleep at the wheel.

That coupled with the all you can eat seats fiasco (they couldn't figure out which food stand to send us to) really made it a night of bizarre calamity.

But it was nice meeting you guys, lol. And my shallow view of Steckel was nice as well, lol.