Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Early Season Melodrama

As I'm sure you've all noticed, there's very little to write about vis-a-vis the Thrashers right now.

No one can be perfectly sure if they're ever going to play again.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Sharks can't get it together (a chemistry problem, perhaps on the top line?), Craig Anderson is the greatest goalie on the planet, the Canucks and their man suck, and the Flyers look pretty damn good (this won't change).

Can the Thrashers maintain their spot in the Top 8? Time will tell.

As you were, comrades, as you were.


h said...

It sure is strange that the Thrash only play 3 games in the first 15 says of the season and then play 7 games in the next 16 days.

h said...

Jesus.....Michael Gearon Jr. just called Bogosian "Begasian"...and he said it TWICE.

Daculafan said...

Hey buddy...

Yes the Flyers look to be real. They looked good last night. I'm not sure if they have exploitable holes in their defense of if it was just Alex making them look not so good after all he's Ovie. I'm wondering if they will continue to keep us snakebit this season..or without Nitty we have a shot at beating them

swegs said...

yes wtf is up with the sharks, nabby is costing me valuable fantasy points, as are the three devils on my roster, sigh face!